VITALATION - Patented D-Ribose


VITALATION - Patented D-Ribose

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Vitalation contains the patented form of D-Ribose

Why D-Ribose?
I like D-Ribose because it is the center “building block” for the molecule “ATP” (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) which is cellular energy.

Cellular energy is considered “the currency of the cell” as you must "spend energy" to get anything done because it is required for our physiological functions, to operate our biochemistry and to maintain healthy tissue and organ health. Cellular energy is at the core of our metabolic health and determines how efficiently we burn the calories we eat.

People that take it tend to feel it as an increased sensation of more energy/vitality – as it’s peak absorption takes only 30-45 minutes.  Therefore I recommend that it be taken in the morning or mid-day but not in the evening, so as not to interfere with healthy sleep habits.

Because my patients "take it and feel it" they have nick-named Vitalation "The Magic White Powder".  I tell them "it's not magic, it's science."

D-Ribose is a 5 carbon sugar.  It behaves, however, like an anti-sugar and can lower blood sugar.  It actually supports blood sugar health, and should always be taken with food, preferably with some form of healthy carbohydrate.

Vitalation tastes sweet and dissolves easily in water, juice, yogurt, apple sauce, oatmeal, and goes easily into meal replacement shakes.

Research on D-Ribose in the areas of energy, muscle comfort and heart health has been promising.

57 servings

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