SMART FISH - Highly Absorbable, Clean and Stable Omega 3 Fish Oil


SMART FISH - Highly Absorbable, Clean and Stable Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Smart Fish

Smart Fish is clean, stable enteric coated non-GMO, certified sustainable from Scandinavia and antibiotic-free.  It is Five Star Certified by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS)

Why certify your fish oil?
International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) five-star certification assures the highest level of purity (clean), stability (free of rancidity), and potency (meaningful dose) in fish oils.

Why does purity and stability matter?
I’m only interested in using the best fish oil.  Fish oils vary significantly.  The technology that allows us to detoxify and stabilize fish oil, continues to evolve, as well. Some fish oils contain chemical and heavy metal contaminants.  Some are rancid.  Often… they are both.  Smart Fish is better than that!  In order for a fish oil to be truly health promoting – it has to be clean and stable and that is why certifying Smart Fish at the Five Star Level is so important to me. 

What about superior absorption?
Smart fish has been processed by a new patented technology that improves the omega 3 absorption and bioactivity, in the body, by 300%.  It bypasses the normal requirements for fat absorption, which are compromised in some people, and therefore drives cellular health to a much deeper degree.  Research emerging on the use of omega 3’s processed in this way, is promising for colon, lung, breast and prostate cell health.  For the rest of us, it is simply better health, overall.

What is a meaningful dose of fish oil?
Token-dosing happens a lot in the nutritional supplement industry.  But I ask “why take something if it doesn’t deliver a result?”  Each gelcap of the concentrated fish oil in Smart Fish provides 860 mg of EPA and DHA, the active forms of Omega 3 fatty acids that you want when you take fish oil.   EPA and DHA, at higher levels such as this, correspond favorably with review of the research on fish oil and various health challenges. 

Why enteric coat clean, stable fish oil?
Let’s face it, a meaningful dose of EPA and DHA makes for a fairly large pill to swallow.  Smart Fish uses a fish-gelatin–based softgel, covered with a “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS)-certified enteric coating so that they are easy to swallow and the EPA/DHA content is released lower down in the small intestines where nutrients are absorbed.

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