Bio Smart - Beneficial Bacteria Repopulation


Bio Smart - Beneficial Bacteria Repopulation

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Bio Smart

Bio Smart is a nutritional supplement formula that supports a healthy “gut lining” or intestinal mucosa.

Each capsule provides the following: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacilus plantarum and Bifidobacterium lactis.

What is the intestinal mucosa or “gut lining”?

The intestinal mucosa serves as an important and choosy barrier between what travels through the intestine and what is absorbed into the blood stream. It is made up of a structural component and a cellular component. When this lining is broken down, the condition is referred to as “leaky gut”. In medical research literature it is referred to as “intestinal permeability”. The immune cells in the intestinal mucosa make up the vast majority of the immune cells in our body. Between the barrier function and the immune component, our ability to control “too much or too little” immune response, starts right here. As well, our neurological health is greatly influenced by our gut health. The digestive system is at the root of the famous gut-brain connection. The digestive system was aptly named “the second brain” in early medical texts.

What does leaky gut have to do with health?

When the intestinal lining is broken down, more is absorbed into the blood stream than should be. That leads to systemic immune triggers, immune over-stimulation and immune exhaustion. As well, as the lining is broken down, so are the cellular components. These components control immune response, both too much and too little, and neurological health. That’s why a leaky gut is the root cause of a long list of chronic degenerative health challenges.

Why is Bio Smart helpful in restoring health to the gut lining?

The antibiotic resistant, quickly populating, acid and temperature stable “good bacteria” (beneficial) in Bio Smart are able to balance “dys-biosis” or an imbalance in good vs bad bugs in the gut. Balancing good bacteria against bad (“opportunistic”) bacteria supports local immune function, which allows for digestive to heal. Good bacteria support healthy digestion, or the proper breakdown of food into nutrients, and help keep bad bacteria from over-growing and producing toxins and irritants.

What does Bio Smart do?

The beneficial bacteria in Bio Smart, work synergistically with the ingredients in Restore Complex, quercemax, Restorigest, and Fiber Detox to restore the digestive lining to normal health and function.

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