Restorigest - Acid Stable Complete Digestive Enzymes


Restorigest - Acid Stable Complete Digestive Enzymes

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Restorigest is a nutritional supplement formula that supports a healthy digestive system, while reducing the effects of “leaky gut”.

Each capsule provides acid-stable enzymes in support of digesting proteins, fats, carbohydrates, starches, milk sugars (lactose), plant fibers (legume) and gluten/gliadin.

What is digestion?

Digestion is when the big pieces of our food break down into the little pieces that can actually feed us. For example, our bodies do not absorb a whole protein. That protein must be broken down into peptides, and then into amino acids in order to supply nutritional support and to avoid developing toxins and off-gassing from our otherwise healthy food.

What does digesting food, properly, have to do with digestive health?

When food fails to break down, properly, it “rots” and off-gasses. When this happens, we are not only robbed of critical nutrients, we are burdened with toxicity. When perfectly healthy food rots, it becomes toxic and adds to the irritation and breakdown of the intestinal lining. When the intestinal lining is irritated, it breaks down and becomes “leaky”. A leaky gut allows undigested proteins and toxins into the blood stream that wouldn’t otherwise be there. These unwelcome components drive system immune imbalances that can lead to many chronic degenerative health challenges.

Why is Restorigest helpful in restoring health in a leaky gut scenario?

The proper digestion of every category of food supports a less toxic more nutrient-based outcome, when we eat. As well, the complete digestion of food reduces the chance of a “cross-over” immune response, when the food is absorbed.

What does Restorigest do?

The ingredients in Restorigest, work synergistically with the ingredients in Restore Complex, Quercemax, Fiber Detox and Bio Smart to restore the digestive lining to normal health and function.

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