EST RIGHT - Patented Absorbable Diindolylmethane


EST RIGHT - Patented Absorbable Diindolylmethane

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Est Right

Patented absorbable form of diindolylmethane for estrogen metabolism support to reduce risk while achieving balance.

Have you heard of DIM®?
DIM® is the nickname for diindolylmethane.  It comes from the brassica family of vegetables and it can be wonderful… but only if you can absorb it.  Most diindolylmethane formulas are not well absorbed because diindolylmethane, on its own, resists absorption.  It is really simple… if it doesn’t make it in, it can’t do all the wonderful things that it can do for you.

What makes Est Right so special?
Est Right, that contains a proprietary blend of diindolylmethane that is patented (U.S. patent #6,086,915) because it actually solves the absorption problem so we can enjoy all of the health benefits associated with dinndolylmethane.

What are those benefits of Est Right?
The diindolylmethane in Est Right helps the body break estrogen down in a way that supports cellular health to fight risk. Research shows that diindolylmethane works in the liver to promote the healthy estrogen metabolism that results in healthier 2-hydroxyestrone instead the less desirable 16-alpha hydroxyestrone.

Healthier, how?
The absorbable form of diindolylmethane in Est Right supports healthy breast, uterine, cervical and prostate health.

What do patients say?
My patient report a happier hormone balance as well, and so it goes beyond risk reduction to improving quality of life.

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