DETOX LEAN - Meal Replacement Shake


DETOX LEAN - Meal Replacement Shake

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Detox Lean

Detox Lean is a vegan meal replacement shake with balanced, bio-active protein that supports lean muscle mass and appetite balance.

It also contains a “multi-vitamin” built in, using every “best” form of each nutrient and added support for blood fat and blood sugar balance.  Additionally it provides gentle support for the body’s detoxification and healthy immune functions.  Clean, lean and complete support for a healthier way forward in weight balancing.

Why Vegan Protein?
I like the vegan protein because it is more often tolerated and useful for people with dietary restrictions.

Why is “bioactivity” important in a vegan protein?
Most vegan proteins simply don’t digest into the amino acid form, that protein needs to become in order to really feed our bodies and especially our muscles, anywhere near as well as animal-based proteins do.  We know that muscle is where our metabolism lives - so protecting muscle during weight balancing is critical.  The Detox Lean formula has been specially processed in order to significantly enhance the protein’s bioactivity (or its ability to feed muscle) to nearly that of animal-based protein.

How does the Detox Lean protein support appetite balance?
There is a component of the Detox Lean protein that has been shown to trigger the satiety response in the brain, which can help sustain the sense of satisfaction between shakes/meals.

What does “balanced” mean, when it comes to a protein?
Some vegan protein sources fail to provide the full array of amino acid nutritional balance that we need from our proteins and that come readily from animal based protein.  The Detox Lean proprietary blend of pea and rice protein, with the patented Aminogen plant-derived enzyme system, enhances bioactivity and balance in the amino acid profile yielding a 100% amino acid score.

What does “blood fat” and “blood Sugar” support mean?
Detox Lean has lipid balancing and healthy glucose management support built in, with two novel fibers and bio-active targeted nutrients.

How does Detox Lean support the body’s detoxification functions?
The liver is the body’s detoxification organ.  The bio-activity of the Detox Lean protein generates nutritional co-factors that support the liver’s biochemistry to function more optimally.  Many of the nutrients built into Detox Lean serve in support of the liver and the body’s own optimal detoxification processes.

How does Detox Lean support healthy immune functions?
When the immune system is “over-active” tissues are irritated and they break down more easily.  Detox Lean ingredients gently help the body come down from “too much” activity toward normal.

Typically, the best tasting shakes have questionable ingredients and the healthiest shakes don’t taste good.  Detox Lean tastes good without the bad stuff!  Everything you want, nothing you don’t!

14 Servings

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