CELLERATION - Trans-Resveratrol


CELLERATION - Trans-Resveratrol

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Celleration is made from trans-resveratrol in a meaningful dose.

Why trans-resveratrol?

  • The “trans” form of resveratrol is the form of shown to deliver all of the exciting health benefits that resveratrol is famous for.

  • Many resveratrol products contain mixed or “cis” resveratrol which is so close and yet so far away, and in doses too low to be meaningful.

  • Celleration is formulated in a way that renders it very well absorbed and delivers trans-resveratrol at a dose that is designed to make a real difference.

  • Celleration contains a synergistic combination of trans-resveratrol and rutin in order to provide more anti-aging and cellular health support than trans-resveratrol alone.

  • Clinical research now shows that trans-resveratrol duplicates the effects of calorie restriction and increases the activity of the enzyme produced in the body while it is experiencing calorie restriction, without dieting.

  • Taking trans-resveratrol has been shown to enhance antioxidant defenses and support the body’s natural immune normalization process.

  • In the first study of its kind - a randomized double-blind crossover study of 11 overweight but healthy men - subjects received either placebo or 150 mg per day of trans-resveratrol for 30 days. Trans-resveratrol significantly enhanced metabolic rate during sleeping and resting.

  • The researchers demonstrated that 30 days of trans-resveratrol supplementation induced metabolic changes in overweight (but healthy) humans that mimic the effects of calorie restriction, providing the first clear evidence that trans-resveratrol, unique among natural compounds, can exert the same profound effects on metabolism, weight, and genes in humans that it has previously shown only in animals.

  • Not all resveratrol products are the same. There is a specific form of this nutritional supplement that has been shown to be effective at specific and more meaningful doses. Celleration uses the specific form at the meaningful dose shown to be effective. Further, care can be taken to enhance it’s function and absorption. Such care has been taken with Celleration. Thank you for trusting me to extend my knowledge of the raw materials and formulation industry in support of your health. I am committed to delivering only the most effective nutritional supplements.

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